Five Quality Tests to Apply Before Buying Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Before you buy discount kitchen cabinets, there are some quality tests that you should do. There are cabinet dealers that offer lower quality cabinets under the “discount” designation. But if you look around and shop carefully, you can find one of the dealers that offers high-quality cabinets at discount prices. Cabinets really aren’t the place to sacrifice quality in the name of savings when remodeling a kitchen.

By spending some time looking at the sample cabinets and asking key questions before deciding where to buy, you can ensure that you buy high-quality cabinets (where only the price is lower) rather than cheap, low-quality cabinets.

Here are the five things to look for:

  1. See how the drawers are made. The high-quality cabinet construction includes no staples or nails to hold the drawers together. They are not simply glued together. A good construction will make the drawers have a dovetail assembly. A good drawer in discount kitchen cabinets will be able to hold around 75 pounds when open. In general, it is advisable to avoid building drawers from thin particle board.
  2. Look at the sides and back of discounted kitchen cabinets. This is an important indication of quality. Cabinet shell – Sides, top, bottom, and back must be solid wood at least half an inch thick. You will create a lot of heat and steam in your kitchen. Thin cabinet housings can warp. Particleboard, which has a tendency to warp, is also not recommended.
  3. The finished interior surfaces are a true test of the highest quality cabinets. Some discounted kitchen cabinets will leave these surfaces unfinished. This not only creates an unappealing appearance, it leaves the wood subject to damage and chips. This could be detrimental and very inconvenient.
  4. Look for adjustable shelves. This is a definite indication of the quality of the cabinets. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the construction of the cabinets, if they meet other quality tests, but it does cause a lot of wasted space that you probably need for storage in your kitchen. Shelves can bow (like book shelves) from weight and moisture. Insist on shelves that are at least 5/8 inch thick.

Check the quality of the hardware and the appearance of the hardware. Cabinet doors can be installed in two ways. One style of construction allows you to see the door hinges. In this case, you will want to check the finish of the hardware to make sure it is not damaged by moisture and matches other metals that are used prominently in your kitchen.

By paying close attention to these five discount kitchen cabinet tests, you can buy the quality you want at a discounted price and not risk buying inferior quality in the name of discounted kitchen cabinets.

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