Steal a country boy’s heart – Make him fall in love

Do you want to love like Johnny and June? Need tips to hook that country boy’s heart? Have a look:

First of all, you need to make sure that he is interested in you before you go chasing them around town making you look like a fool.

Now once you’ve found that guy you think might be your Huckleberry, use these tips to make him fall head over heels in love with you:

-Dirty: Don’t be afraid to get dirty, and by that I mean “get dirty”, not STAY dirty! You need to be able to clean yourself well.

-Be confident: not conceited, sure! Do not ask for compliments, you know very well how pretty you are or what you are not. Country guys are usually sweet and charming and will compliment you regularly, but they are so laid back that they may not realize that you are looking for compliments and may think that you simply have low self-esteem.

-Eat: Country boys like to eat and they like to eat with their wives. Don’t play with rabbit food and pretend you’re not hungry, eat hearty meals, surely they don’t care about a thick, healthy girl. They also like their women to cook, so keep that in mind.

-Get a joke: relax, country boys love to shake their women, it’s more or less how they flirt. If you can’t take a joke and you’re not easy, you probably won’t get along with a country boy.

-Stay true to your roots: Do not try to change who you are, if you are a city girl and he is interested in you, it is probably because he likes who you are. You can still keep an open mind and try new things, but remember to be YOU.

-Be family-oriented: country people tend to be very family-oriented. Do not try to take him away from his family, and do not leave yours, spend time with the family, respect and love his family, when he sees how much they love you, he will feel closer to you.

-Laugh: Don’t be boring or a party pooper! Have fun and let him have fun. Don’t ruin the good times with a bad attitude. Bored spoilers can quickly take the life of a good country boy. Nobody likes Debbie Downer!

-Give them space: Don’t be clingy! I doubt that any guy likes a clingy girl. Give him time to be with the guys without them breaking down or blowing up his phone. Just because you like to get dirty, go hunting, and be “one of the guys” doesn’t mean you join him every time he goes, his friends will definitely get sick of it and let him know!

-Respect their values: most of the boys in the country grew up with good values, Mom teaches them well! They have that “southern charm” when it comes to women. They open doors, take off their hats and say “ma’am” to all the ladies. You must respect that he does that for all women and not just for you. If you open doors to other women, you are being respectful, you are not the only woman who should be respected. Don’t steal her good values ​​because you are a jealous bitch! His mom worked hard to teach him well!

-Be down to earth: Your parents may have screwed up your ass, but it’s time to tone it down. Country boys are so laid back and needy, high maintenance drama queens wouldn’t stand a chance with any of the country boys I know.

Hope this has helped. Now go get them, cowgirl!

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