Sports Watches: Types

What is a sports watch? Today’s world shows a tendency to speed up and regulate human life. Therefore, people need suitable devices such as sports watches or other tools with the same functional characteristics. Products of this type are designed not only for accurate time measurement, but also for other purposes.

These purposes include measuring heart rate, distance, intervals, etc.

They have sports watches for jogging or other devices with similar functions: chronograph, heart rate measurement, pedometer, speed index, etc. Therefore, an athlete or an ordinary person can always be aware of the required measures.

In most cases, the data is displayed on one screen or another screen. Elite class watches can feature a variety of faces.

Computer watches offer a wide range of functions. However, they are also considered the most “fragile” devices of a class. With a number of advantages, they also have drawbacks. Defects can include battery drain, “fragile” screen, exposure to magnetic fields, very large sizes, weight, and lag. Most modern models offer just about everything, from measuring your pulse and blood pressure to altimeter and barometer functions. The price of such devices varies depending on a number of built-in functions and the range of application.

The right price, features, and quality make quartz watches the most common and popular today. This type of sports watches is divided into two subgroups: quartz watches with a hand and quartz watches with data output (electronic). Devices with manual indication have limited properties, since the output of many parameters is impossible without a display. The lack of overload with additional options makes these watches quite popular.

Quartz watches with a display have almost all the functions that computing devices offer. However, they are also the cheapest watches in their class. The cost is affected by the production materials (different types of plastic), the battery and the useful life (the average life is about three years). These factors make it possible to purchase an inexpensive watch with all the required features.

Mechanical watches represent a rare type of device in a class. This is caused by the complexity of its production and the cost of a finished product. The functional series is similar to that of hand indication quartz watches. However, there are a number of significant differences related to technical power supply points. The need for constant clearance affects the number of features offered. The chronograph provides a unique sports function. The main features include exclusivity and uniqueness. Most of these watches are made by hand.

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