Paladin Leveling Build: Your Guide to Leveling a Paladin in WoW

The Guardian of Light, the Paladin is an iconic class in the world of Warcraft. Since real-time strategy games, the Paladin has been a staple of the Alliance forces. In World of Warcraft, leveling up a paladin is a lot of fun, and with proper paladin leveling build, you can hit 85 in no time. Read on and we’ll discuss the exact “how to” level a Paladin in World of Warcraft.

Choosing the right paladin leveling structure is crucial to leveling your paladin. There are really a few different options, but in general it’s best to start with a Retribution spec at level 10 and choose Protection at level 30 when the dual spec is available. For missions, Retribution is absolutely the best option. The single-target damage is staggering, and the survivability and resource regeneration are enough to keep you going with no downtime. You can even handle smaller groups of 3 or more once you get Divine Storm. Additionally, you get a huge movement speed boost through the pursuit of justice and the long arm of the law that can significantly decrease the time you spend leveling up.

However, Protection is an excellent paladin leveling build if you’re interested in running dungeons. Tanks have almost instant queue times in the dungeon finder, allowing you a quick experience if you have a good group. Protection is also good for taking down a large number of mobs at once, or very difficult elite mobs. Having protection as a secondary spec is a great complement to Retribution.

Holy is not really recommended as it is ONLY good for cases. Also, the wait times for healers are higher than for tanks, so even for dungeons, protection is preferable. At higher levels, you can always switch so you can get some late-game raiding practice, but you need to start collecting the appropriate gear.

Gearing is the next aspect you want to focus on when leveling up a paladin. You want to wear a badge, always. Build up strength as it contributes directly to your attack power and the damage you do. Crit is the next important statistic. Find everything you can to start filling the screen with big numbers. Haste is another stat that starts to glow once you acquire the Sanctity of Battle talent. Stamina is also important. If you run out of life, you are dead. And death seriously hampers a paladin’s leveling. Now as you level up, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about hit or experience. You have many skills to fill the void when one does not land. Out of all the secondary stats, you need to pick critical and rush to maximize damage output.

When leveling up your paladin, there are several abilities that you should make sure to use at all times. First is Avenging Wrath. This ability grants you a 20% bonus to all damage you deal and allows you to use Hammer of Rage regardless of your health. Open with this and the mobs will fall very fast. The second is fanaticism. This is ideal for chaining individual mobs at once. Basically, you can alternate Crusader attacks with Templar’s verdict. All the while throwing your judgments and instant exorcisms. The final skill you’ll want to make sure to use whenever it’s available is Inquisition. This increases Holy damage by 30%, increasing your Seals, Judgments, Exorcisms, and Hammer of Wrath. This constitutes a significant part of your overall damage. When combined with Avenging Wrath, you can probably 1 or 2 shots from many mobs of your own level.

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