Hawaiian TV News – Stolen kayak, surfboard through car window on H1

Not long ago I was discussing boat and boat insurance with the owner of an insurance agency in Kailua Hawaii, I guess you noticed I was wearing a Kailua Canoe Club sweatshirt. We discussed some of the types of marine, boat and water toy businesses he secured. He pointed out that everyone who owned a jet ski was required to have a license and insurance. If there is no proof of insurance, it could be confiscated by the authorities, but more importantly, if it was stolen, you would eventually get it back if it was properly registered with your ID number.

This all made sense to me, and as I was thinking about it later that night, I saw on cable TV that someone had stolen a kayak from the back of the owner’s truck. It had a sticker on it and the owner provided a digital image of it, this was broadcast all over Oahu. Think about it, where are you going to go, it’s an island, you can’t go anywhere with it, and I don’t know anyone who has kayaked to the mainland or anywhere outside of that island chain. It’s a lot like the FBI Most Wanted list at the post office, or Child Predator TV shows, and keep in mind that TV put this on the airwaves for free by a simple kayak, maybe with a $600.00 value, but not much more than that for sure.

The next night, at the same cable station, there was a story in which a car was driving down the main highway in Hawaii (the H1), and while going under an overpass, suddenly a surfboard came through the road. window. Fortunately, this rare event did not kill or injure anyone, but the freeway was closed to the frustration of all motorists. Was there an altercation on the overpass between young surfers? Accidentally dropped surfboard? Do you think it was a stolen surfboard? Lastly, I don’t imagine the owner of the surfboard had insurance on it.

However, I bet the owner of the Mercedes SUV had some form of uninsured motorist insurance, I wonder if flying surfboards without insurance counts? Maybe I’ll ask my new insurance acquaintance what happens at such an event the next time I see him. The reality is that you never know what could happen, only that it could happen and you will need insurance at some point. In fact, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.

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