Harmony of Body and Mind – Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

Harmony of Body and Mind: Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification is an incredibly powerful and transformative group journey into embodying the meditative presence. This 200 hour training is for all genders, ages, backgrounds, countries and spiritual philosophies who want to teach or deepen their meditation practice. This unique training is designed with a blend of traditional and contemporary approaches to making meditation accessible to all students.

In this 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher training you will learn to integrate the mystical science of chanting and mantra with modern mindfulness techniques. You will also dive deep into the body’s energy anatomy exploring the Koshas, Nadis and Chakra System and its correlation to modern science.

You will also explore the profoundly healing practice of Yoga Nidra as well as a variety of guided meditations including breath observation, chakra cleansing and balancing and Yoga Sutra and Mantra meditation. You will also study the deeper layers of yoga philosophy and learn how to create a richly rounded class that will guide your students on an inner exploration and healing journey.

Harmony of Body and Mind – Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

During this course you will deepen your own meditation and asana (pose) practice as you prepare to be a yogic teacher in your community. You will learn to support your students with a steadfast and loving presence as you guide them through their journey of self discovery and transformation. This course is highly experiential and you will gain the confidence to lead a class with ease.

Along the way you will learn how to support your students with safe and effective verbal and hands on adjustments to assist their physical wellbeing. You will be encouraged to find your authentic voice as a teacher and to trust in the power of the universal language of Yoga. You will learn how to safely teach classes to students with a wide range of physical abilities as well as how to adapt your teaching for trauma-informed students.

The final module of the teacher training will teach you how to cultivate and maintain a sustainable and sacred business as a meditation teacher. You will learn how to promote your teachings, attract students, and grow your yoga & meditation community online and in person. You will also work on developing a holistic and mindful approach to business and finances that is in alignment with your values and supports you in sharing your light with the world.

When you complete this training, you will receive a prestigious international credential that allows you to teach both yoga and meditation in yoga studios, wellness centers and corporate environments. You will also be equipped to teach private meditation sessions for individuals seeking holistic well-being and inner harmony. This is a life changing and transformational journey that will challenge you to grow and expand beyond your own expectations and into the greatness of who you are. YTT 200 is a full immersion into the world of Yoga and will require commitment, time, energy, dedication and most importantly love and devotion for your practice and for yourself.

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