What does it really mean to dream about your ex?

Dreaming of an ex is quite common and is even considered very normal, but many people wake up feeling quite disturbed by the reason why their ex appeared in their dreams. Dreaming of an ex can have many different reasons and in this article we explore the meanings behind various examples of an ex appearing in your dreams.

The first dream about an ex involves the dream of getting back together. Now many people will assume that dreaming of getting back together with an ex means that deep down they really want to get back with their ex, but it doesn’t really mean that at all. Instead, it means that someone currently in your life is causing feelings similar to the ones you had in your previous relationship.

These can be good feelings like remembering good times and experiences that you had with your former partner and that you are feeling happiness once again with your current partner. Alternatively, the new partner could be bringing up bitter feelings that you had and is a way that your subconscious reminds you to avoid the bad behaviors that you have in the previous relationship to prevent the same negative things from happening.

If you simply have a dream in which you see your ex-husband / ex-wife, in particular; This could be interpreted as being in some kind of situation that you really don’t want to be in. It could even mean that you are involved in an experience or other relationship that makes you feel very unhappy. If you dream that you are together as if the relationship will never end, it may mean that you are repeating the same patterns from your old relationship in your current relationship. Essentially; you’re making the exact same mistakes you had before and then reacting in exactly the same way once again.

If you dream that your ex has disappeared, this could mean that you miss a part of your previous relationship, but it does not necessarily mean that you miss the person. This is also a pretty healthy dream because it also suggests that you have moved on with your life. Another reason to dream that an ex is missing is to take the pun that your ex “lost his chance” to be happy with you and now it is too late.

Another very healthy dream of the ex is to dream that he has died. I don’t mean to suggest that you can kill your ex or that you wish to harm him, but it actually means that you feel like your ex is dead to you now. It is a metaphor for how you have left your past relationship and are fully ready to move on and give your whole-hearted love to another relationship.

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