Tips to stay attractive at 50

Boomers and Gen X generations are known for their great love of being physically fit. These are the generations that popularized jogging, aerobics, and gym membership!

Now that you are 50 years old, this is not the time to stop being active. Most middle-aged singles like you want a mature partner who is physically active to be attracted to. However, now in your 50s, you need to make sure you engage in physical exercise activities that do not stress your joints.

What are some of your options? Maybe it’s time to do low-impact aerobics or join a yoga class. Check with your doctor about the condition of your stressed joints if you still want to continue jogging.

Staying active in your fifties isn’t just about your searching attractive. For mature singles, it’s about your to be attractive. Are attracted to mature singles who enjoy and seek to share their active lifestyles with a potential partner. You may be a runner, but your older partner might be able to ride a bike or enjoy moderate walks.

To find and attract a physically active mature middle-aged companion, you will want to look in several different places. In addition to online dating, you will want to go to places and activities where you are likely to get together mature singles with an active lifestyle. Look for local activity groups. Participate in activities that are not exactly the ones you regularly chase to stretch out and meet active singles with Complementary interests to yours.

Besides going to the gym when there are mature singles, it means you want to attend dance classes. Sure, there are ballroom dancing. They are very funny. But many of them cannot provide you with a regular dance partner. Also, it is a commitment of at least 6 weeks that may not produce potential dates.

Instead, aim for mixer dances like English folk dances Y Against dances. Unlike other types of dances, these two styles of folk dance often begin their dance nights with a mini-class. So if you are new to the dance style, show up early. Now of course, if you’re a smart bachelor in your 50s, even if you’re already an expert in dance style, show up early so you can meet the new dancers that night! Also, the fact that they partner with someone like you who is more skilled really helps and supports them as new dancers.

While not all the dances that take place that night will be mixed, not all the dances will be with a single partner. Invariably, you will have the opportunity to dance briefly with many of the other dancers and meet all of them. Then during breaks, hang out around the food and water area. Why? Because after dancing, everyone will drink a lot of water. You can easily chat with the other dancers!

Get active to stay attractive in your 50s, and while you’re at it, who knows who you’ll meet? Maybe your next middle-aged partner!

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