How many ways can I rent in Leeds?

“1. Newspaper

I learned from Zhang, a student studying at a British university, that all major newspapers in the UK have a listing section with detailed information, similar to that in China, usually a page like a classifieds page, which lists brief information about the house by its geographical location, and some have photos.

2. Websites

LOOT website also has a lot of rental information, as long as you enter the postcode of the place you want to live, you can also choose to think that a reasonable price range Leeds student accommodation, the search engine will automatically list the information that meets the conditions.

3、Housing List

As a student, you can also contact the Leeds student accommodation and ask for a list of properties (Housing List). As the university is responsible for the accommodation of all international students, the Housing Office will provide this list free of charge if you do not apply for student accommodation. It usually lists the specific location of the house, the bus and underground station near the house and the price of the house, and of course the contact information of the landlord.

4、Student BBS in China

There are also some students who find rental information on domestic study abroad UK forums. There are some graduating international students who will post their housing information on BBS, and most of these houses are due in August or September.”

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