Beware of fraudulent packers and movers! Key things to remember when choosing one

Importance of packers and movers

These days, we see a dizzying growth of packers and moving companies in different parts of the world. And why not? Today’s nuclear families need outside help when moving to a new home. I am not saying that hiring a moving company to move your personal belongings is a crime. You should definitely choose a moving company to do the necessary moving of your precious items. But, what you should keep in mind is not to rush when choosing a company of this type. You need to do a thorough investigation to find the professional and reputable one who has been known for years to transfer valuable items without causing damage to them.

Check its reliability

You hire a packer and mover to move your valuable furniture, televisions, one or more dining room sets, and other similar items. However, before hiring a company, look for its reputation in today’s market. If possible, ask your friends or neighbors about a moving company they have used in the past. This will give you peace of mind as you will end the risk of doing business with a fraudulent company. If you don’t have any reference, you need to check all company documents including copies of certificates of incorporation, business license, company PAN card, company bank account, valid office address, phone numbers, email address, etc. You can also ask for the contact details of the company’s previous clients to talk to them and make sure you’re not dealing with a fraudulent packer and mover.

compare quotes

After reviewing your items, the removal company in question will give you an estimate. You should not trust a company that is asking you for a very low price, as they may not offer a quality service. You should take quotes from at least a few companies and then compare the rates. You should select the one that asks a moderate price for the damage-free movement of all your valuable items to their destination. In addition, you must calculate the cost of transferring your products based on the hours that the company will take. For example, if it takes 4 hours to transfer your items, the company you choose should request payment only for those 4 hours and not for the entire day.

Easily identify fake companies

If you call packers and movers to get a response like “Hello, mover” or “Hello, packers and movers,” think twice before talking any further. Most of the time, these companies are not genuine. The operator should say the name of the company instead of just saying “moving company.” Also, beware of online movers that offer the lowest rate for moving your items, as they may not offer quality service.

Take photos of the truck transporting your goods

You should always be vigilant when doing business with an unknown company. You must take pictures of the truck, your license number, and after loading all of your items on the truck. If possible, personally follow the vehicle in your car and remain in person at the time of unloading the items. Also, do not forget to count the number of uploaded and downloaded items and stick a label on each item, no matter how small, to keep track of it.

Is your company insured?

One vital thing to check before hiring a packer and mover is whether they provide full insurance coverage for the items. The company you choose must explain clearly about the goods covered by the insurance. Full insurance coverage means that all your goods will be moved safely. In the event of an accident, the moving company will pay you for any damage done to your items during the move.

Get a copy of the contract

You must keep a copy of the contract signed by both parties. A professional packer and mover will give you a copy of the contract before you ask. There are two types of contracts made: binding and non-binding. The binding contract has a fixed cost and you will have everything in writing in advance. In the case of a non-binding contract, the company will prepare the contract taking into account the weight of each item, the distance travelled, the services offered, etc.

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