Where Can I Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, but don’t want to spend the full retail price, there are a number of options available. One way to cut down on the cost is to buy a refurbished device. These are phones that have been repaired and restored to a nearly-new state, and typically come with a warranty from the retailer selling them.

However, many consumers are unsure of where to go to find a reliable refurbished mobiles seller. Some major retailers sell refurbished devices, including Apple and Samsung. Some also offer device protection plans and other add-ons to help make the purchase easier.

The most well-known brand of refurbished phones is probably Gazelle. The company refurbishes the phones it purchases from consumers and offers a variety of brands and devices, and its quality testing standards are generally on par with other top retailers. Additionally, it has a 30-day return policy and affordable warranties for added peace of mind.

Where Can I Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Another good option is Best Buy. The US electronics retailer sells a small selection of refurbished phones through its website, including what it calls “certified pre-owned” phones. This means that these phones have been inspected and restored to working condition, but may have cosmetic blemishes or minor scratches (similar to what you might see on a used phone). Best Buy also carries some older models of popular phones, which are often not available as refurbished from other retailers.

Lastly, Amazon and eBay are both major sellers of secondhand and refurbished smartphones. In both cases, consumers should take the time to research the individual sellers carefully. Buyers should check reviews and feedback, and make sure the refurbished device they’re purchasing comes with a manufacturer or retailer-backed warranty.

In addition to these big names, there are several other third-party retailers that sell refurbished devices, including Back Market and iFixIt. Back Market in particular is a good place to shop for refurbished phones, as it works with multiple refurbishers to form its marketplace and is transparent about which ones it uses. This can be a good way to avoid the sometimes dubious practices of some individual refinishers.

Other retailers also sell refurbished smartphones, but may have more limited selections. For example, UK high street retailers such as CeX and Game sell a range of secondhand and refurbished devices, and most of them come with some kind of warranty. Similarly, online sellers such as musicMagpie and Envirofone have long histories of selling secondhand and refurbished devices.

Finally, the manufacturer of the phone itself may sell refurbished handsets directly to consumers through its website. For example, the Samsung and Apple websites in the US each offer a selection of refurbished phones that are like-new, but at a discount. This is typically the most reliable way to get a refurbished smartphone, because you’re dealing with the maker and the retailer directly, and will likely be protected by the same consumer rights as you would when buying a new device from a non-manufacturer-branded seller.

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