What if my girlfriend is in love with my dad?

Imagine that your girlfriend is in love with your dad. Can you imagine something worse? It sure is a horrible situation for a young guy, but these kinds of crushes can be fixed if you use the right combination of sensitivity and authority.

If your girlfriend is a teenager or in her early twenties, the chances of her falling in love with your dad are higher than if she is in her twenties or older. Teen boys tend to have dads who can still be physically attractive to a young girl and can fall in love quite a bit. Especially if your dad is handsome, an outdoor type of man, or one who is very up to date with all the things young people like. If your dad likes your type of music and movies, and can relate to the social media that you and your girlfriend use, then he is much more likely to have a crush effect on your girlfriend. On the other hand, if it’s a complete contrast to you, it may seem “intriguing” to your girl. In other words, there are certain types that young women are more likely to fall in love with, but in reality all types of older men are potentially interesting to your girlfriend.

You may be disgusted by the attention you pay to your elder and especially by the flirtation you have with him. But don’t get too angry. It can be explained by psychological and hormonal reactions. If she were ever in a position to do something about her crush, she would most likely run away in fear. In the vast majority of cases where young women profess to be in love with their boyfriends’ dads, they never get past the infatuation stage.

However, if you suspect that your girlfriend is capable of acting inappropriately with your dad, then the first person to discuss the matter with is your dad. Most parents are aware of any flirting led by their children’s girlfriends, but you have to be safe. Make it clear that you are showing an interest that is uncomfortable for you, to say the least. Tell your dad that the quickest way to nip the problem in the bud is for him to say something first. The best situation is where the three of you are present, but no one else, as this has the potential to really embarrass and annoy your girl. Your dad should tell him that he has noticed his attention and that he is not at all happy about it. If your dad refuses to help you because he doesn’t feel like your girlfriend’s attention is out of the ordinary or because he just can’t, then it’s up to you.

You should tell your girlfriend that such behavior is not acceptable and that if she refuses to let go of her crush, you will have to release her from your life. If she loves you more than she loves your dad, then she will accept this ultimatum. If not, you have to move on.

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