Waking up early in the morning in babies over 9 months: simple tricks to help your baby sleep late

There are many reasons why your 9 month and older baby wakes up early in the morning around 5-6 am and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. If waking up early isn’t working for her family and she would like to try extending her morning wake up time, we need to identify possible causes of early waking up and address each issue.

Common issues to address are:

* Too much light enters the bedroom in the morning.

* Domestic/environmental noise

*Baby not warm enough for morning temperatures

*The reward of an early breakfast

* Wake up for a milk feed

*Habits and routine already established as a younger baby, from an early start to the day

* The time of the first day of sleep.

*Your baby’s bedtime at night

*Genetics! Your baby is made up of two parents.

So once you decide what the possible causes are, you can start playing around with some solutions. Always try each test for at least a week to have an effect on your baby’s body clock and be patient.

* It is easy to adjust the amount of light that enters the bedroom with appropriate curtains for the windows that are sought. Whatever is useful will work, it doesn’t have to be professional or expensive to be effective, just block out the light. Think old duvet cover, dark sheet, large towels, picnic blanket, coated fabric.

*Sometimes we can train the family to be quiet at home early in the morning, but sometimes external factors affect your baby’s awakening. Try playing soft sleep music, such as “Dream Music,” repeated throughout the night to cover some of the noise and get baby away from music in a few months.

*Over 9 months Babies move a lot in the crib and should be dressed for the night, assuming they are tossing and turning and not under warm sheets all night. Think about how you would feel sleeping in what you have dressed your baby in, if she were sleeping on top of her blankets without a partner. Excess blankets become a risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) if your baby moves and crawls or rolls around the crib.

*If your baby over 9 months currently enjoys early morning milk feedings or eats breakfast as soon as they wake up, this is a good reward for waking up. If you are happy to offer these foods, early mornings are a consequence, unless she goes back to sleep after feeding. If you don’t think baby needs these foods for nourishment and just wakes up to them out of habit, you can leave them out if baby is older than 9 months and eats plenty of solids during the day. This is a personal decision.

*Sometimes mom and dad need baby up early for work hours during the week, but want to encourage him to sleep in on weekends. Unfortunately, baby doesn’t understand the difference between a weekday and a weekend, so I recommend that you treat every day like a Sunday and encourage him to sleep in until the last minute and arrange breakfast for baby at the place of work. Childcare.

*If you reward your baby for waking up early in the morning with a dream shortly after breakfast, you are encouraging early waking.

*If you put your baby to bed too early at night, they will reach their sleep quota earlier in the night and not be able to sleep until their reasonable wake-up time in the morning.

* The last and obvious reason is that if you or your partner are early risers, the baby may look like early risers and will always grace them with their presence when they wake up. After all, the baby is genetically related!

Advice: If your baby routine is working for your baby and your family, don’t change a thing! If the routine needs fine-tuning, first look for possible contributing factors, then confidently establish a consistent plan and monitor your results to see what works.

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