Spinal Decompression – Very effective in curing a number of conditions and disorders

Spinal decompression is one of the most successful treatments for anyone suffering from back pain, especially low back pain. This is managed through the use of traction, in which decompression occurs as a result of the applied force. Decompression therapy has been used for centuries by chiropractors and physicians. Traction can be provided manually, through the use of a mechanical decompression unit, or through some easy-to-use traction devices.

What is decompression?

Decompression therapy is a form of physical therapy and is particularly effective in relieving back pain. The underlying science behind spinal decompression is to create more space between adjoining vertebrae, thereby overcoming any underlying conditions such as a pinched nerve in the back.

The vertebrae are round bones through which the spine threads, and while there are five vertebrae in the lower back, there are seven in the neck. When force is applied externally to the vertebrae providing traction, the vertebrae separate slightly, usually in millimeters. And as this space is created between the vertebrae, the pressure between the intervertebral discs is reduced and the discs receive more nutrition.

Similarly, when traction is applied to the diseased back, any bulging in the discs is reduced, and this is done by suctioning the gel-like disc nucleus into the center of the disc. In the same way, any pinched nerves that may get caught in the compressed discs are allowed to enlarge again, and this not only promotes better circulation but also ensures pain relief.

Decompression therapy can work wonders for anyone with arthritis. The diseased joints of the spine are stretched and this allows them to overcome the effects of gravity or even poor posture. Spinal decompression allows muscles and soft tissues to stretch in ways that are nearly impossible with our daily activity and exercise. This actually detoxifies the spine by removing toxins and bringing a new supply of oxygen and nutrition. Then the healing process is accentuated, and this works to minimize any irritation of the nerves in the spine.

The conditions that improve greatly with the application of spinal decompression are pain in the lower back or neck. And decompression therapy works very effectively regardless of the cause of the pain, even if the pain has been long-lasting. Similarly, decompression therapy is very effective for anyone who suffers from sciatica, which is a pain in the thighs and legs, because the nerves in the spine branch out to all parts of our body.

By creating more space for the nerves in the intervertebral discs, spinal decompression allows you to overcome any condition, such as a bulging disc or a pinched nerve in the back. And because decompression facilitates better nutrition for the spine, it allows one to overcome degenerative disc disease or narrow nerve tunnels.

The rear decompression belt and the neck comforter are two very distinctive traction devices based on the decompression principle. Each of the devices is administered locally without any outside help, but shows amazing results in curing any condition such as a pinched nerve in the neck or back, sciatica, lower back pain, or a stiff neck.

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