Nokia N77 and Nokia N81 – Futuristic Mobile Phones

Nokia has come up with a winner, Nokia N77. The phone has amazing features like a 2 mega pixel camera with a 16x digital zoom. There is also an LED flash and a CIF camera on the front. The CIF camera has a 2x digital zoom. These two cameras are amazing for users who are really into photography, both amateurs and professionals.

The Nokia N77 also has some amazing features like a two-way video calling option. A rotating image gallery. It is also compatible with Nokia Lifeblog. Furthermore, the phone also has some really good video editing options.

The Nokia N77 also has a digital music player that rips and plays various music formats like MP3, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, AAC, WMA, etc. the phone also has stereo speakers to produce unbeatable sound. Users can also use various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB with Pop-Port and GPRS.

The Nokia N77 also has a wonderful active matrix QVGA color display that measures 2.4 inches in size. The screen provides a wide viewing angle and supports a mobile phone resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The best feature of the Nokia N77 is the DVB-H based mobile TV. In addition, the phone also has an internal antenna and an option to play a TV program up to 30 seconds. This is what sets it apart from the other phones.

When it comes to the Nokia N81, it has features that give a whole dimension to the use of mobile phones. The phone makes users’ lives smarter. Basically, the users will see that the phone reflects their personality and taste.

Also, the N81 is a slider phone. It runs on a S60v3 FP1 operating system. The phone has HSDPA to provide Internet connectivity. There is also a Wi-Fi option that allows users to connect to the Internet without cables. The phone is being touted as the next big thing. The dimensions of the Nokia N81 are 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm. It weighs only 140 gm, with a 240X320 pixel TFT screen.

Here we look at the future of mobile phones: the Nokia N77 and the Nokia N81.

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