Nokia E6: Symbian Anna smartphone optimized for business

When we talk about business-optimized smartphones, the first phone maker that comes to mind is RIM. Their Blackberry phones have long been preferred by career oriented individuals and businessmen for the business features of these phones such as the Blackberry Torch and Bold. Now Finnish phone giant Nokia has a series of phones that offer business features. One of the most advanced business handheld mobile devices on their list is the E6.

First of all, this new phone has an advantage over previous commercial phones from the Finnish manufacturer, such as the E7. It is powered by the latest version of Symbian, the Symbian Anna version. This has a number of benefits, such as faster web browsing, new icons, and much more.

One of the business features that the phone offers is multi-level security. Offers security for the device and content. These features include a security key activated device lock, administrator controlled remote lock, password protected memory card security, administrator restricted call barring, web accessibility via digital certificates, and memory encryption. This means that the phone will keep important data stored on the phone safe at all times.

Another business feature is secure connectivity. The Nokia E6 offers email client support for secure delivery of work emails in real time. It also offers ultra-fast, secure web browsing for information gathering while you’re out of the office. Offers full Bluetooth visibility for more secure Bluetooth pairing and connections. It also comes with VPN options that allow users to access corporate or private networks through the intranet. This can also be used to make business VOIP calls.

The device management options on the mobile device are also top-notch. It offers simple password prevention, password history tracking, maximum password attempts, data wipe after security breach, email attachment management, HTML display, a calendar filter, and an email filter. These options will help users to control the security levels on the Nokia E6.

Malware and viruses are the most rampant security threats plaguing mobile phones. Since this phone is designed to keep data safe, it is well protected against threats. The phone offers a number of third-party applications that users can choose from. These apps offer the most trusted protection in the world of smartphones.

In addition to these security features, the phone offers users a convenient method of entering information. This is a physical full QWERTY keyboard. With this keyboard, your phone is optimized for emails, SMS, chat, documents and much more.

With the Nokia E6, you get a smartphone optimized for business.

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