Irish Folk Music Feat – Caoineadh Songs

Folk music in Ireland is not very popular until collections by George Petrie and others were found in the 18th century. It also gained popularity when Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann organized its Fleadh Cheoil music festival. Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann is an organization promoting the music, song, dance and language of Irish artists to the Clancy Brothers, whose success was best seen in the United States from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. In 1970, the Folk music meets rock and roll and punk as Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys are doing today.

Caoineadh’s songs are the most famous among folk music. The term Caoineadh means to cry and as such it portrays emotions such as sadness, sadness, and pain. Most of the time, his lyrics speak of the departure of an individual for political or economic reasons. It can also define a man’s lost love. Many Caoineadh songs originated from The Troubles of Northern Ireland, as that was where the British Army was at the time.

A famous example of Caoineadh songs is Danny Boy (written in 1910). It tells the story of a woman who is sad because her man is going to war. He also played a father’s grief for his soldier son. Seamus Kennedy has his own interpretation of this song. The song titled Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (early 1900) is also a famous Caoineadh song sung by famous singers such as Karan Casey and Joan Baez. Unlike Danny Boy, this song is against the war.

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