How Your Homeowners Insurance Protects You From Halloween Liability

This is life! As thoughts of Halloween dwindle with every taste of the November winds, there are homeowners and renters still suffering from related damage liability.

How is that? Take the following examples of insurance claims, for example.

• Jill’s dog was so cute that even strangers parking next to her commented on the pet inside. His nature matched the look. Playful yet placid, the dog seemed like a perfect ‘best friend’ to his owner and anyone who paid attention to him. However, on Halloween night, the dog seemed to go from Mr. Hyde mode to Mr. Jackal mode. Totally untrue to his character, the dog reacted aggressively to visiting crowds and actually pounced on a boy and sank his sharp teeth into his arm. The boy’s resulting injuries were so severe that he had to be hospitalized. The parents wasted little time in filing a lawsuit against Jill. Fortunately, Jill’s homeowners insurance covered the damage.

• While celebrating Halloween at a relative’s house, a tenant’s house was read with toilet paper and eggs. Expensive equipment was also stolen from inside the garage. The extensive cleaning required professional services, accompanied by a high bill. The landlord’s homeowners insurance took care of the vandal damage, while the man’s renters insurance covered his personal losses.

• Mike was meticulous in raking all the leaves from his front and back yards. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that careful putting away the rake. Leaving the rake lying on the lawn was a huge mistake and not because of the eyesore it caused. When a group of trick-or-treaters happened to collect the due candy from him, a little pirate tripped over the handle and landed face down on the catwalk from him. The mask did little to protect the masked man from injuries to his face, leaving him with extensive injuries that required extensive medical attention. A lawsuit was filed against Mike. The insurance company covered Mike’s liability.

• Sandra decided to make Halloween a real project. She involved her husband and her children in the Christmas decorations that included full lighting of the lawn. The effect was so inspiring that she decided to add even more lights. This, unfortunately, was the proverbial last straw, leading to a fire that caused a lot of financial loss and property loss. Fortunately, Sandra’s homeowners insurance protected her.

Talking to an independent insurance agency about Halloween liability and coverage will help homeowners understand all of the added risks and added benefits.

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