How to Make Pay Per Click Advertising a Full-Time Income-Generating Business

Whenever I am asked if it is possible to earn substantial income from the contextual or pay-per-click ad program, I usually say yes. You can make a good income by making pay per click advertising a full time business. A condition that you must meet to achieve this is the total dedication of your time and other resources necessary for it. As a business, once you’ve successfully set up a PPC advertising system and start generating revenue, you need to create more using the same method with different strategies, testing each one to discover the best one in terms of return on your investment. You should also be prepared to keep records of your investment and the returns that will be derived from it.

What is Pay Per Click or Contextual Advertising??

It is the type of advertisement that is placed on the pages of your websites in line with the contents of the web page. Visitors to these websites while browsing the pages may read them and become interested in the content of the advertisements and then decide to visit the source. They must click on the ads to be redirected. That’s all you need to make money with pay per click advertising because you receive a commission every time this click occurs.

Pay per click advertising has not only simplified the process of advertising products and services online as a whole, but also created opportunities for internet marketers to profit from online advertising.

In the past, most advertisements were offline through billboards, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. As such, it was the big companies that benefited the most as branding agencies for commercial purposes, while small players like you and me had no chance of making it big through advertising. The most we could do then was work as ad collection agents for local newspapers and magazines or something like that.

Today, people like you can earn full income online through contextual or pay-per-click advertising, no matter how small. The generic name for this form of advertising is Google Ad Sense. That’s because Google and Blogger have made it easy to get started even if you don’t have the money to pay for domain name registration, web hosting, and all the processes involved. As long as you’ve signed up for ads, you’ll be given a code that, when pasted into your blog, will allow you to see regular Ad Sense ads on your site.

How to earn with pay per click ads

In order to earn income from pay per click advertising, you will need to choose a niche and create a website or blog in it. When choosing your niche, you may want to consider starting with high paying keywords.

What does this mean? It means that there are keywords that advertisers pay a high fee to have their ads displayed on websites. There are also other categories that are low cost pay per click keywords and some are medium cost pay per click keywords. The idea is that the higher the rate paid for a keyword ad, the higher the commission you earn per click for that keyword.

You need to understand that the commission you earn per click is a small amount, but with high visitor traffic to your site, the clicks become substantial and your earnings add up over time.

Take a look at the following keywords and pay attention to the niche or industry they belong to. Some are in the service industry, while others are in the product category.

1. Car/auto insurance

2. Gas/Electricity/Energy

3. Online degree

4. Mortgages

5. Credit



8. Loans

9. Claim

10. Lawyer

11. Lawyer

Now, if you do a keyword search on any of these words, you will find out the most searched among them. Build your keyword list from them. Have a mix of long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Use the mid to low numbers of the search result on your niche keywords to get started. This is because the competition on those keywords will not be overwhelming. Use the keywords with little competition to build your keyword list.

Choose your domain name making sure your main keyword is part of it. Put the keyword also in the main title of your blog. This will ensure that your site attracts the attention of those looking for information about your niche through search engines.

Write articles on selected keywords

Write as many articles on various keywords in the niche of your choice. Use long and short keywords. If you can’t write articles, you can outsource it to freelance writers. Google how to write articles on selected keywords for more information.

Your article should not be for keyword stuffing purposes, but should be an interesting and well-informed read. You must offer useful information to your readers. This will keep them on your website longer with repeat visits or even bookmarking your site. That’s when the opportunity comes to click on the ads on your web page.

To make your articles useful, take an aspect of the topic that teaches your readers something they never knew about your niche or something refreshingly different from what they used to know about the topic. It could even be an article that explains things that are already known, making your visitors see how it affects them positively or negatively.

You can also sell affiliate products on your website. It is legitimate and allowed.

take action now

Go ahead and take action on pay per click advertising. Set up a site today, drive traffic to the site, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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