How to make money online with PayPal

PayPal is the world’s most trusted online funds transfer system. It acts as an intermediary between people and organizations that will be making payments for services received on the Internet. PayPal is essential to get around your business online. There are many people who are wary of credit card payments on the Internet due to the history of fraud. With PayPal, the payer funds your PayPal account from their bank account and then emails the payment to the payee.

There are many ways to earn money online, from writing articles for websites like eHow, Helium, EzineArticles, to online surveys, marketing ads, and many more. Some of the sites worth visiting are:

Ipsos I say

World testing market

National Consumer Panel


The following guidelines might be of help on how to earn money online.

First of all, you will need a PayPal account. The account registration procedure is completely free. Through this account, you can have the money you have made online deposited into your bank account instantly. PayPal works like a normal internet bank, the main difference is that it is incredibly cheap and efficient.

· So how do you make money with PayPal? Many times people simply earn money through other means on the Internet as mentioned above, writing, answering surveys, making advertisements, among others. PayPal also has promotions that will give you money for referrals you make to new customers. This could lead you to sweepstakes competition and cash jackpots. Check the PayPal website for this.

· In the process of searching for websites that could make you money online, you should be very careful. Read the end user agreements of these sites and make sure they are legitimate. Many cases of fraud and scams take place on the Internet. Look for member review websites that will review these sites. You will definitely have people who have used these sites and are willing to share information about how they completed their transactions with these companies.


Earning money online does not require excessive capital. As long as you have an internet connection and a good computer, you’re good to go. In addition, PayPal is cheap and makes financial transactions online easy.


The internet is riddled with fraud and sometimes you can work for a company only to realize it was a scam and you won’t get paid.

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