How to approach a woman effectively

If you’re wondering how to approach a woman effectively, keep these tips in mind.

Good weddings, not strangers

Dating is a lot like sales. You increase your odds based on how you select your environment. The luxury car salesman is probably targeting doctors and lawyers and not someone making significantly less, right?

As you think about how to talk to her, remember that approaching her on the street and walking up to her gives you a much lower chance of success than telling her about the chicken dance at the wedding reception. she’s seen you for hours.

Therefore, the good places to get closer are those where something in common happens. A party you’re both invited to, the wedding I mentioned earlier, a class you and she are taking, a person you’ve seen at the gym several times, etc.

The least likely places for success include approaching her coldly on the street, nightclubs, and anywhere else you simply walk up to her without first establishing a relationship.

I am not saying that you are guaranteed success at a wedding nor am I saying that a nightclub is impossible. I just play the odds And I like it when my odds are better.

the lines are out

I’m not even going to go into some of the horrible lines out there. Do you know which is the most effective line? “Hello.” If he feels any physical attraction to you, he will respond positively to that “line.”

Guys think they need an elaborate “game” to get his attention, but it really comes down to whether or not he’s into you physically from the start. It’s amazing how much more he loves your jokes, your conversation, and you in general when you pass his attraction test (and he’s available).

Make sure you have an opening and don’t waste too much time.

In poker, sometimes it’s the hands you don’t play that make the difference between winning and losing. What does poker have to do with dating? Let me explain. At a poker table, you generally have limited bankroll and when you run out of bankroll, you’re out of the game. If you keep playing marginal hands when you know you’re probably beaten, you’ll deplete your bankroll faster and won’t have a chance to get the cards that could have brought you a profit.

The same with approaching her. Let’s use our wedding example. Let’s say there are 5 women at the wedding reception who are physically attractive to you. You’d like to get closer to 5 but 2 have guys, 1 doesn’t look in your direction at all, even though you’ve walked past her a few times, the other is in a group of friends and hasn’t left her side at all night (although she has looked at you a couple of times) and the last one is alone and she has looked at you several times.

Forget about the ones with guys, lose interest in the one that never looks at you, maybe save the one in the friend group for later and start with the one that has been looking at you.

Once again, as the average poker player has limited funds to make a winner, you have a limited time to get the numbers at the wedding.

Women will give you a subtle green light if they want you to approach them, like looking at you and smiling. Now, they might just be friendly with no real interest in going out, but you’ll find out when you go.

Which brings me to my last article.

Make her laugh and then ask her for the number.

So, you’re at the wedding, she’s given you the green light to come through her subtle hints, you say hi, and she’s open to your conversation.

Now is not the time to tell him that he is about to reveal the cure for cancer (even if he is), to talk about world politics, or to dominate his time for the rest of the night.

You have 2 jobs. 1. Make her laugh. 2. Get your number and get out.

She is really a stranger to you, so don’t try to get an instant date right then and there. You want to leave her with the impression that you are a nice and fun guy that she would love to know more about.

Spend 15-20 minutes in her tops, make her laugh, ask her LOUDLY for her number, and then walk out.

You should ask him, “What is your home phone number?” when you’re ready to get out of there and then shut up and smile. If she stutters an excuse or asks for your number (or business card), she’s not really interested.

Interested women immediately type the digits (or press them on their cell phone) because she knew all along what she was doing when she invited him in with her subtle hints. She was waiting and waiting for you to ask for the number (as long as she was interested).

You may be wondering why he would “invite” you and not give you the number. It could be a million things, like making a guy she likes jealous at the party. That’s the beauty of “what’s your home phone number?” Eliminate the interested from the uninterested.

That is my best advice on how to approach a woman. Remember guys, keep this last item in mind. When they like you, they help you, so it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

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