FSBO: Dos and Don’ts of Using Sales Signs

A professional sign is one of your most important marketing tools. Along with an MLS listing, your sign is just one more way to promote your property for sale by the owner.

Why is an FSBO sign so important?

Professional signs help draw attention to your home from everyone in your neighborhood and those who pass by. If your home is on a major highway, a professional FSBO sign is definitely a must. The yard sign provides a visual cue for home buyers to let them know where they can get more information about their FSBO property.

Many sellers, for sale by the owner and others, do not want a sign in the yard because they do not want the neighbors to know that they are selling their home.

The truth is … there is no such thing as secret marketing. Keeping the sale of your FSBO home a secret is counterproductive. Let everyone know that your home is for sale. For sale by owner signs are just one way to do it.

If you choose to use an FSBO sign, here are some dos and don’ts:

What to do for sale by owner posters:

  • When purchasing your FSBO flat rate MLS listing, purchase an FSBO sign from your flat rate MLS provider.
  • Include your MLS number, the property’s website URL, and your contact information.
  • Make sure the sign says “Agents Welcome” – Have an MLS # and notice “Agents welcome” It gives buyer’s agents peace of mind that you are offering a buyer’s agent commission if they bring in a buyer for your home.
  • Have a box of brochures filled with your feature flyers next to your FSBO sign.

Don’ts for sale by owner signs –

  • Do not use the generic sign for sale by owner. Realtors are hesitant to approach the sale by selling owners (unless they are trying to get your business) for fear that they will not pay the buyer’s agent commission. List in the MLS and use a sign that says “Agents Welcome” to eliminate this fear of working with a salesperson for sale.
  • Do not handwrite a sign. Having a professional looking FSBO sign is part of marketing your home like a pro and competing with agent listings.

As an FSBO marketer, it is important to use all available marketing tools. A professional FSBO sign with the correct agent message and property information will make it easy for buyers to find your property. And it will make it easy for you to promote your FSBO property for sale.

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