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eMediaCampaigns! He recently shared some moments with Dr. Stan Harris as part of OnTheMove! series of interviews. Dr. Stan Harris is an Entrepreneur, Certified Behavior Consultant, 10th Degree Black Belt, and a member of the “Black Belt Hall of Fame.” Earlier this month, he was inducted into the “Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame.” Now he sits between Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Stephen Covey, and other greats. In 1993, he obtained his Doctorate of Divinity from Great Plains Baptist Divinity School. He is currently working towards his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Joel Robbins, College of Natural Health, Oklahoma.

Dr. Stan’s oral presentations often include attention-grabbing karate demonstrations in which he breaks bricks, wooden blocks, and lies down on a bed of nails like 100 pounds. of bricks are smashed in the chest with a mallet. He has shared a platform with Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Doug Firebaugh, Barry Donalson, Jerry D. Rhino Clark, and others. To date, Dr. Stan has spoken in 49 states and 17 countries.

“Dr. Stan Harris has that unmistakable charisma that puts him in the winner’s circle. His unforgettable presentations dramatically demonstrate how to break down your mental barriers to achieve peak performance in the real world. I have shared the platform with him and been on their audiences. Their reviews always mention the same four words: Life-changing, smashing, success! “

-Dr. Denis Waitley, Author “The Psychology of Winning”

We asked this two-time Hall of Famer to share more about his life, current projects, visions, and of course, his spectacular and inspirational martial arts talk presentations.

EMC! Good morning and thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

Dr. StanHarris: The pleasure is mine.

EMC !: Could you tell us more about your experience?

Dr. Stan Harris: I have two brothers and two half brothers. We grew up in a single parent home in the roach and mouse infested projects (Smith Holmes) of Harrisburg, PA. I remember waking up to giant water bugs crawling across my face! At 6 years old, while playing on a playground, a gang of teenagers jumped, hit, rented, and feathered me. They left me in a field. Someone found me and rushed me to the hospital before I suffocated from the thick tar. I grew up wondering if anyone cared, I never heard the words “I love you”. I was neglected, confused, and abused, verbally, emotionally, sexually, and physically. I was beaten with a steel folding chair on the back and head, as well as a choker chain (for a dog), by the hands of my mom’s boyfriend, without her knowing, of course.

EMC !: You are a survivor. How did you become interested in Karate and martial arts in general?

Dr. Stan Harris: One day, my mother won a free month of karate lessons (ShotoKan Karate). He liked it so much that he continued training for quite some time. One day she got into a fight with her boyfriend who had physically abused me. She knocked him out with a side kick to the jaw. My brothers and I looked at each other in shock. We went to the man on the floor who was unconscious and we told him: “Whatever you do, don’t mess with my mom anymore, because my mom is bad, man; my mom is bad.” I was so impressed by the event that I began training in Isshin’ryu Karate in hopes of learning how to protect myself and one day become a champion and get the attention that I craved so much for as a young child.

EMC !: Would you say that realizing that you can empower yourself using martial arts principles ignited your desire to help others empower themselves in your daily life?

Dr. Stan Harris: Yes. They (the instructors) taught us to have self-discipline, before we learned to defend ourselves. We learned that the greatest of all victories is self-conquest. I wanted to share with others my newfound power to channel my anger and frustration into something productive. I also wanted others to experience the new, improved self-image that comes with self-control and achievement.

EMC !: Dr. Stan, what are the visions you make up in your mind that drive your desire to contribute?

Dr. Stan Harris: I see myself supporting 100 missionaries. I always wanted to be the role model for others, something that I never had personally. The power of expectation and the faith of someone we respect and admire can unleash a great deal of power that has been withheld. I also envision continuing to host health seminars across the country (US).

EMC !: I hear the passion in your words, Dr. Stan. Most people who know you, and even those who are only remotely familiar with you and your work, describe you using the word “passionate.” Is passion something you work to manifest on a daily basis?

Dr. Stan Harris: Definitely. A woman took me to the airport and said, “Whatever you do, I want to be a part of it because you exude so much compassion and power.” Like John Wesly of old, I set myself on fire and people came to watch me burn!

EMC !: Whose council have you benefited the most from?

Dr. Stan Harris: Aside from the Bible, William E. Bailey, who also mentored Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and others.

EMC !: His oral presentations often include a dynamic martial arts demonstration. Amazingly, you break 22 inches of bricks with your bare hands using incredible speed and power. Can you describe the impact it has on your audiences?

Dr. Stan Harris: Because our generation is so visual. I like to use visual aids that they can relate to, to add extra impact to my message. People are often spellbound, and they really understand that we can overcome our limitations, no matter how difficult or difficult it is!

EMC !: That certainly paints a picture. Can you give us some examples that describe how people’s lives changed for the better after watching your groundbreaking performance?

Dr. Stan Harris: Here’s what Rita Graves from Texas said:

“Dr. Stan Harris was so inspiring! He touched my heart tremendously. Words cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to meet him and hear him speak in person. Wow … we got all his enthusiasm! This event inspired each and every guest. It filled our hearts, minds and souls with inspiration, motivation, empowerment, knowledge, strength and success. Now we can continue to move forward in a positive way and know that we are all worthy of great things to come. “

Ned Rae said, “Dr. Stan Harris who taught us all how to master our fears and have a life-changing ‘breakthrough’ as ​​we all broke our 1 boards” with our fear written on the back. See everyone from 8 years to 81 years line up to take their first step beyond their fears by breaking that board with their hand, a true “breakthrough” was worth the cost of attendance.

Cheryl Rae, CEO of her company, informed her CEO:

“The highlight for me was the ‘groundbreaking’ performance of Dr. Stan. I must admit, when he handed a board to everyone, I wasn’t quite sure if he could break it. It was a hard board! But when I saw an 8 year old boy did it and Maggie, 81, did it … that was it. If they could, so could I. And, with Dr. Stan guiding me, I did it on the first try! It was so easy and it didn’t happen. nothing at my hand, it was an incredible moment for me. I get emotional just thinking about it. “

EMC !: Dr. Stan, it is not surprising that your workshops and presentations are in such high demand. Tell us; Who helps you manage the many daily opportunities and invitations to speak that keep popping up?

Dr. Stan Harris: Currently, I do everything myself; But I’ll have to get someone to take care of it because the demands are getting too great. I try to keep a personal touch for as long as possible.

EMC !: What are some of the projects you are working on now?

Dr. Stan Harris: Cynthia Kersey (author of the number one best seller, Unstoppable, and the most recent Unstoppable Women) and I are co-authors of a book called Celebrating Unstoppable African Americans. Additionally, Jack Zufelt, author of another number one bestseller, Success DNA, and I are producing a CD series titled How to Be a Black Belt in Your Business. Then there’s MyOpp (My Online Portfolio Presentation). You see, residual income is great, but multiple streams of passive residual income are best. MyOpp is blending the teachings of the past, the techniques of the present, and the technology of the future to ensure success. Its mission includes, “Empowering entrepreneurs with viable solutions, systems and technologies that help leverage the Internet to create multiple streams of residual income.” When I got to the top of three companies simultaneously, people would ask me, “How do you do it? Do you have to have a special gift or ability?” Well, this new system allows people who only know how to point and click to be successful. MyOpp is the Walmart, the Microsoft of marketing. Anyone interested can visit my demo site. [http://www.myopp.com/shdemo]

EMC !: They all sound fascinating. And finally, what are two of your most precious assets and why?

Dr. Stan Harris: One; my faith – keeps me going. Without the Lord, I would be nothing and could do nothing of real value. And two, be true to myself because I see myself in the mirror every day. I would like to like what and who I see. It also gives me personal power with others.

EMC !: Thank you, Dr. Stan Harris. You have to be one of the busiest and happiest people in the world!

Dr. Stan Harris: It was an honor for me to participate. Can I leave you with my Attitude Adjuster?

EMC! We would be honored.

Dr. Stan Harris:

All around me there are limitless opportunities

Before me there are endless possibilities

Within me is the One who has infinite power,

Behind me, who cares?

I’m having a lot of success and it’s about to get better, watch out world, here I go!

eMediaCampaigns! Interviewed with Dr. Stan Harris in September 2005. He can be contacted at [email protected] More information can be obtained on his website: http://www.drstanharris.com/ and by calling: 1.717.275.3508

For more information on OnTheMove! series, contact [email protected] or http://www.franbriggs.com

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