Angels – Asaf: Angel of the Written Word

The written word is used for many things, self-expression, declaration of desires, detoxification of the Inner Spirit, release of frustrations and disappointments. It is also used to express love, commitment, appreciation and gratitude. There are many reasons, many emotions and many thoughts that express what is inside. Use discernment when you express yourself. It is not always easy to come from love, from unconditional love. Many times it is easier to lash out by throwing nasty words out of anger, jealousy, or bitterness.

Choose your words carefully because once written they cannot be undone. It is true that nothing is set in stone regarding the decisions made or the choices presented to you. What is offered is to temper your words, to garnish everything you say, everything you write, with loving-kindness. It is more than possible to express frustration, anger, or disappointment without using a harsh tone or attitude. It is possible to convey your distaste for another person’s actions or inaction, honor or integrity without condescension or disparagement. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are addressing; be kind when expressing your concerns.

Use the form to write your wishes, prayers and gratitude expressing your Inner Truth. Have you experienced tightness or maybe a sore throat only to later realize that you didn’t fully express yourself? There is no honor in eating your words, whether spoken or written.

It is true that there may be times when speaking or writing does not serve the highest and best good for anyone. It is essential to your overall well-being to release what you choose to keep to yourself during such occasions. Writing down everything you feel is a way to detoxify your inner energy, clearing the way as it continues to unfold before you.

A message from Asaph
Allow yourself to speak freely; my ears are open to everything you have to say. If you wish, you can write me a letter expressing everything you want. You do not need to concern yourself with language or emotion in this because you ask to be cleansed, to be purged of all that does not serve your highest and best good and that of everyone involved. There is nothing to fear except the fear of not being able to free you of all that would be trapped within trying to choke your life force life energy, creating blockages and the perception of separation from Divine Source Energy. In truth, you are always one with the Source of All That Is.

In everything you do, in everything you say, in everything you write, be it in a letter, text or email, be mindful of your words. Be aware of what you say and how you say it. Words are tools that have great power. The words are supportive, loving, kind, compassionate or full of anger, envy, dishonor, disrespect no matter if they are directed at you or someone else. Animals are deeply attuned to energy patterns; they, too, are discerning when they are treated with love or disdain.

Call on Asaf, Angel of the Written Word to help you express all your wants, needs and desires. Be willing to express from his Heart Chakra. Be willing to watch his words, acknowledge what is said out loud to others. Be willing to change your internal dialogue by expressing kindness to yourself.

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