A breakup doesn’t mean that you’re breaking up with your friends

One of the hardest things after a breakup is dealing with friends. Some will obviously be a partner or the other friends, perhaps from before the relationship occurred, but others may be mutual friends. What do you do then? How do you separate your friends after the breakup? How can you move on if you still have the same friends? Where do you go from here?

The first step is not to make your friends choose sides. Obviously, they might care about both of you, and the last thing you want to do with your friends is have them choose which one of you to be friends with. Of course, sharing friends can make it difficult from time to time when special dates happen on who will be attending between you and your ex, but for the most part it shouldn’t cause any problems. Just remember that sometimes there will be things that you cannot attend as your ex will be there. It doesn’t mean that your friends care less about you, just that they weren’t the ones involved in the breakup and after the breakup it still shouldn’t be their problem.

Get out there and make new friends. You are starting a life without your partner, why not make other changes as well and make new friends? Going out, getting away from the normalcy that may remind your ex, can very well help you get through the relationship. And who knows, you may find new interests and better deal with your recent breakup.

Another option is to try to remain friends with your ex. Maybe it wasn’t a really bad breakup. Maybe later in the future, the two of you can get along as friends and thus be able to hang out together with your old mutual friends. Remember to take time to cry and let the wounds heal before trying this, though, otherwise it may lead to more pain and distress.

Breaking up doesn’t mean you have to lose all your old friends. In fact, it could be the beginning of many new and wonderful friendships, or you may still be friends with your ex at the end. No matter which route you take, remember that having a social circle and support can help you get through even the worst of breakups.

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