5 keys to building a solid determination

I saw him sitting on an evergreen branch outside my window as the Saturday morning sunrise illuminated the freshly fallen snow as it would a carpet dotted with sparkling jewels.

He seemed so small and alone, a silhouette against the dazzling eastern sky. As the sun rose, I could see that it was a small snow bird, obviously apart from its companions who usually gather and play in groups. They gleefully hover over the snow, find bits of grain, and huddle together to warm themselves.

Seeing him brought back memories of a time when I felt very small and alone …

It was my first college year of clinical practice as a student therapist. I had to write and submit reports

in every patient I worked with at the University clinic.

When we were kids, we often shut down when a teacher returned our reports with some big red marks indicating our mistakes. However, Dr. Wilson, a man I will always remember and admire, returned my clinical reports. It gave my first reports so many red marks that they looked like they had measles!

One day, he said, “To write well, you need to read a lot and write a lot, and when you see these red marks, you should know that they are there because I believe in you. You will not have to make these mistakes.” again. Just pay attention to them! “

I began to pay attention to each mistake, one by one, and one by one, the red marks decreased. This experience strengthened my determination and strengthened my courage in what I could accomplish.

How can we keep our resolve steadfast on each path of achievement we travel? Here are some valuable ideas to think about …

1. Think purposefully; keep your heart and mind focused on the end goal you want to achieve.

2. Take three valuable actions suggested by Paul J. Meyer, who wrote, “Build your resolve with sustained effort, controlled attention, and focused energy.”

3. Remember the wisdom of an Indian proverb that says, “Life is not a continuum of pleasant choices, but of unavoidable problems that require strength, determination, and hard work.” Use the obstacles as learning tools and stepping stones to achieve what you imagine.

Four. Choose your ideal path based on your values, make a firm commitment to excellence, and take

responsibility for your choices.

5. Above all, realize that the Creator gave you some very special gifts that no one can use exactly as you can. If you haven’t discovered those gifts, take a close look at the activities that seem to light a fire in your soul. You’ll be very close to some amazing discoveries …

… My little friend waited a while on the evergreen branch. Soon, several more snowbirds landed at the base of the tree. Jubilee joined them and they left to enjoy the morning.

That reminds me of a sixth key to developing and maintaining determination: having patience in all things.

Do what you can now, even if you must wait for your efforts to produce results. Then bring your thoughts back to purpose, and you will attract many others as “feathers” to help guide you along the way!

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